Questions I assume you have:

What is this?
This is Dear Future, a webcomic.

Why is it called Dear Future?
The URL came to me in the shower in November 2007, soon after I moved to California. I thought it would be a neat place to write letters to my future descendants about all of the absurdities of modern life. And then I realized that I like comics a lot more than I like blogs. So I made a comic. I hope my descendants find it embarrassing and enlightening.

What are some things that drive you crazy?
Folks who leave the dish scrubber in the sink (not naming names), people who go to the farmer’s market angry, cab drivers who don’t know how to get places AND don’t have GPS.

Who are you?
I’m Abi Jones. I like tacos, the smell of fir trees, and Earl Grey tea. I live in Santa Cruz with my husband and son, I’m a designer at Google, and I’ve lived in a lot of parts of the United States (Oregon, Seattle, Texas, Washington, DC, California). I long for something from each of those places.

I’d like to tell you how awesome this site is!
If you want to get in touch, I’m accessible via Twitter and this site’s contact form.

I want to use a comic in my book/presentation/website
Dear Future is published under a Creative Commons license that requires attribution. You can learn more on the licensing page.

Can you make a comic for me?
Feel free to inquire about my availability in creating illustrations for your book or presentation or website using the contact form. I can deliver illustrations as vector graphics or flat files and have a variety of licensing options available.